About the Handbook

How did it come about?

This Handbook is the main product of a two-year long project “Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics.” Coordinated by the Czech Olympic Committee, co-financed by the European Union and supported by the International Olympic Committee, the project brought together event and project managers and marketing professionals from National Olympic Committees of Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia, and from the Czech Region of South Bohemia. External experts representing host cities, event agencies, sponsors and others took part in the project as well. The project was based on a successful long-term initiative of the Czech NOC , the first event of which took place during the Sochi Games in 2014. See more in the case studies.


How does it work?

The Handbook will not provide you with detailed A to Z information on every aspect of staging of the events. This would be, indeed, close to impossible and very burdensome as there is no one-size-fits all format and solution.
Rather, the Handbook aims to take you through the basic steps of the organisational process while providing you with information on the production, programme, management, marketing, communications, resources, sustainability and evaluation of the event, illustrating each important step with best practice examples, and offering you useful tools and tips.


What does it build on?

Most of the examples and good practices featured in the Handbook come from the Olympic Festivals and Olympic Festival-like events organised between 2014 and 2018 .

Special thanks go to:

Alma Papic, Anouk Van Langerak, Damien Duval, Daniela Drago, Fabienne Van Leeuwen, Jana Janotova, Jiri Gruntorad, Kati Malkki, Kerline Verjuin, Marco Arpino, Milan Nebesar, Nada Cerna, Nelli Kuokka, Pascal Dufourny, Peter Dokl, Radana Kubesova, Taja Skorc, Veronika Zemanova, and all other experts who have contributed to the development of the Handbook.

Pictures featured in the Handbook are property of the National Olympic Committees involved in the Sport Parks projects. Tools, tips and other attachments were either provided by the Sport Parks project partners, the IOC and/or are in the public domain.



List of abbreviations

AV – Audiovisual

B2B – Business to Business

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

EU – European Union

EY – Ernst & Young

FIS – International Ski Federation

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

HR – Human Resources

IOC – International Olympic Committee

ISO – International Standard Organisation

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

NGO – Non-Governmental Organisation

NOC – National Olympic Committee

OC – Organising Committee

OCOG – Organising Committee of the Olympic Games

OF – Olympic Festival

OP – Olympic Park

RHB – Rights-holding broadcaster

ROI – Return on Investment

TOP Partners – Partners of the International Olympic Committee