General information

Basic data

Czech Republic
Olympic Festival PyeongChang 2018- Brno
17 days (09/02/2018 - 25/02/2018)
Main organiser
Czech Olympic Committee
City of Brno, South Moravian region
Main target group
Families with children, schools


Total budget (in EUR)
2 000 000+
Public subsidies (ministries/agencies at national level) + national lotteries where applicable
0.5 %
Public subsidies (region/municipality)
33 %
45 %
Revenues admission, sales, gastro services etc.
5 %
IOC Solidarity
1,5 %
Own resources (not coming from pubic subsidies)
15 %


Characteristics (sea side, mountains, city centre, sport venue etc.)
Large city park
Outdoors/ Indoors
Square meters
64 604 m²

Visitors/ Participants

Total number
157 271
Average per day
9 251
% of children and youth under 18
60 %
Number of schools involved
% of people would like the Festival to be organised in the future
84 %


Number of members of Organising Committee
Number of volunteers


Doing sport

No. of clubs/ federations involved
List of sports to try
Biathlon Ice-hockey Cross-country skiing Bobsleigh Skeleton Speed skating Figure skating Ski jumping Snowboarding Curling Alpine skiing Luge Freestyle skiing Snowboard Others…
List of high-level sport competition/ shows
• Skating challenge • Figure skating exhibition • Skating with stars • Curling match • Cross-country skiing race • Snowboard cup • Chess cup • Ice-hockey daily match – junior • Kryathlon competition • e
Sports for the disabled
Paralympic day 21.2.: Curling of the disabled, Sledge hockey, Sound shooting Presentation

Watching sports

Number of screens
120m2 of screens

Olympic Education

Examples of activities
Olympic quiz (Korean embassy stand)

Olympic Feel

Arrivals of Olympians
Eva Samkova (bronze) 21.2., Anna Duskova, Martin Bidar (figure skaters) 19.2., lugers 21.2. • official welcome of all Olympians on the stage • During the OG – as they arrive, they usually came to the Festival - Presentation on the main stage, autograph
Activities with Olympians (past and present)
Celebrity races – e.g. Rene Novotny (World champion figure skating) - exhibition, Josef Dostal (Canoeist) - pumptrack, D. Kostelecky (Ol. medallist shooting) – biathlon race, Š. Hilgertová (Canoeist) – bobsleigh etc. • Meet and greet with Olympians
Opening/ closing ceremony
Yes, both

Partners/ sponsors

Olympic Team Partners/ Sponsors - list
Coca Cola Visa Samsung Škoda Auto Strabag Alpine Pro T-Mobile Lesy ČR Pilsner Urquell Česká spořitelna Čeps ČRo Česká televise Big Board Johnny Servis Vystaviste Brno Koh-i-noor AVMedia Sporten České dráhy Krajanka Deník
Non-commercial partners
City of Brno South Moravian region Brno transportation company
Example of activation
Škoda Auto ice-hockey ring - Presentation of the new type of Škoda, partner of ice-hockey ring) Visa pumptrack Samsung zone – multimedia tent ČEPS biathlon shooting range Coca-Cola snowpark ČRO Radiožurnál ski jump skate rental Česká spořitelna –

Media and communications

Press centre
Yes + Studio of the Czech Television – live broadcast from Festivals, connection with Korea
RHB – which + rating if available
Czech Television – 40 hours broadcasted directly from the Festivals, TV Polar (regional)
Radio coverage – which and what
Czech Radio – Radiožurnál – 124 hours broadcasted directly from the Festivals
Press – reach + media value
1,151 articles about Festivals
Social media reach - FB/ Instagram/ Twitter
Facebook total reach of the event Ostrava – 526,492 7,707 fans of the page Olympijsky festival Ostrava 455 K views of 22 YouTube videos from the Festivals


Material – examples
Pumptrack – donated to the city of Ostrava, big wooden inscription Olympijsky festival as a memory of the event
the City of Brno decided to buy all ice surfaces for every year usage during the winter for the skating of Brno inhabitants