From Sport Parks to Olympic Festivals

The events organised in the period 2014 - 2016, on which this Handbook builds (Olympic Parks – CZ, Olympic Experience – NL, Rio House – BE), have been regrouped under the general name of Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics. Following the close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, and the subsequent adoption by its Executive Board of the new Olympic asset “Olympic Festival”, the “Sport Parks-type” events, organised by the NOCs and confederations, fall, as of the Winter Olympic Games Pyeongchang 2018, under the umbrella of Olympic Festivals. The first Olympic Festivals were organised in Brno and Ostrava (CZ), Rogla (SL), and Grenoble (FR). 

This Handbook is therefore primary targeted to National Olympic Committees, as they are the sole stakeholders, which can organise Olympic Festivals under the IOC licence. However, any organiser of “Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics” and other sport-for-all events can benefit from this Handbook.

As of 2019, National Olympic Committees will be able to find further OF-related resources on the IOC Extranet. 

What is the aim of this Handbook?

Provide Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics, and in particular Olympic Festival (OF), organisers with practical hands-on guidance for the development, production, evaluation, and sustainability of their own OFsevents. The Handbook, however, can also be useful to other sport organisations for the development of their sport-for-all events.

For the sake of clarity, the content of the Handbook refers mainly to Olympic Festivals, as there is a number of rules applicable to this IOC asset. However, the majority of the Handbook’s core – Case Studies and the “How-to” section - is directed to all organisers of Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics.

The content of the Handbook is relevant, in particular, for event and marketing managers, directors, and specialists.

Are Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics something for you?

Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics, and in particular the Olympic Festivals in the case of NOCs, provide a flexible and scalable framework (size, budget, location, activities) which can be organised by any NOCsport organisation or NOC, wherever applicable. Even though there are certain rules and “must-haves”, the way these are implemented may differ from one country to another or one city to another. This handbook does not propose one-size-fits all solutions, but rather offers various options, based on real life examples. Organisers can then choose and adapt them to the traditions and environment of their countries and regions.

What will you find on this website?

  • General information about what Sport Parks and OFs are and why you should get involved.
  • Outline of what you should keep in mind before you start.
  • The “how” of the organisation structured along 6 main focus areas – organisation, marketing, communications, resources, evaluation and sustainability.
  • Case studies section featuring practical information from the 2018 OFs and from events organised in 2014 and 2016.
  • Information and tips on common activities connecting individual OFs.