Why to organise the Olympic Festival?

Sport is a part of every man and woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for. 

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

In reality, though, sport is often absent from people’s lives.
Let’s reverse this negative trend!

The Olympic Festival is a great tool for your organisation to:

  1. Bring the Olympic Games and their spirit to the people. 
  2. Provide a real home base for your National Olympic Team and its fans.
  3. Implement the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Agenda 2020.
  4. Engage with fans, educate youth on Olympic values and bring the flavour of the Games to the host city/region.
  5. Build bridges between fans and athletes.
  6. Celebrate athletes and their achievements and pay tribute and respect to Olympians.
  7. Promote and strengthen Olympic values and provide your NOC with a young and dynamic image.
  8. Stimulate the public, especially children, to do sport and be more active by providing them with a hands-on experience with many sports.
  9. Stimulate participation in sport and physical activities through cooperation with sport federations and clubs.
  10. Establish a long-term and viable platform for stakeholders, especially sport clubs and federations (in particular important for NOCs which are not confederations).
  11. Establish a long-term volunteer platform/network which can be activated for future Olympic Festivals and other events.
  12. Narrow the gap between elite and grassroots sports, including at organisational level by improving cooperation between individual departments.
  13. Engage (new) NOC sponsors and partners (including TOP partners), and provide them with a much better space for activation than they could ever be provided with at the venue of the Olympics.
  14. Organise other events in a more efficient and innovative way drawing on your own experience with the organisation of the Olympic Festival, as well as on best practices from other organisers.

The list above features the main goals/benefits that the organisation of the OF may bring to you. Nevertheless, each NOC can of course add/set its own goals depending on local environment and needs.

Most of the benefits outlined above are applicable also to organiser of other „Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics“.