General information

Basic data

Rio House
17 days (5. - 21. 8. 2016)
Main organiser
Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (BOIC)
Agency: DDMC event design Host City: Ostend
Main target group
Families with children


Total budget (in EUR)
Public subsidies (region/municipality)
5 %
5 %
Revenues admission, sales, gastro services etc.
10 %
Own resources (not coming from pubic subsidies)
80 %


Characteristics (sea side, mountains, city centre, sport venue etc.)
Seaside, open setting on the beach. Next to the ‘promenade’
Square meters

Visitors/ Participants

Total number
Average per day
% of children and youth under 18
60 %
Number of schools involved
% of people would like the Festival to be organised in the future
90 %
Any other interesting data from visitors’ surveys
No survey was done with the public, this is a general impression out of conversations. The only ‘unhappy’ people were some of the people living in the apartments in front of the beach (noise). 100% of the sponsors would like the event to be organise again


Number of members of Organising Committee
Number of volunteers
30 (on average, per day) – total of 510


Doing sport

List of sports to try
Sportdienst Oostende (Multisport) Kids Village (Multisport) - Delahise Journée .Be (Bicycle) Journée Tourisme Wallonie (Bicycle) Triathlon Volley Box Hockey Badminton Yachting Equestrian Archery Gymnastics Athletic Golf Judo Shooting Table Tennis Tennis
List of high-level sport competition/ shows
‘Show’-trainings of High level athletes on site: Judo, Boxing, Archery, Gymnastics, Shooting,…
Sports for the disabled
Not specifically, the Paralympic Committee was preparing the PG

Watching sports

Number of screens

Olympic Feel

Arrivals of Olympians
Opening Evening: Concert on the beach, with former Olympic Champions invited. Closing Event: Cocktail on the beach, with some of the Rio athletes back in Belgium
Activities with Olympians (past and present)
Opening &
Closing Event. The federations invited Olympians to participate to the activities and meet the fans. (Fandays were organised for each federation)
Opening/ closing ceremony

Partners/ sponsors

Olympic Team Partners/ Sponsors - list
EY - National Lottery - Delhaize - AG insurance - Belfius Bank
Non-commercial partners
Federal Government - 1 day specific activity “Day of the Belgians” with promotion of Belgium (goodies, concerts, games,…), Brussels Capital Region: 1 day specific activity for promotion of Brussels
Examples of activities
Delhaize Kids Village: Supermarket chain, a journey through different Olympic disciplines, 6 didactic and entertaining trials, active and entertaining challenges for kids between 06 and 14 years

Media and communications

Press centre
No, but free wi-fi for press
Radio coverage – which and what
RTBF (Vivacité – French speaking) : 1 afternoon life broadcasting from/ VRT (Radio 2): permanent radios studio/ Live Radio studio in Rio House broadcasting from the beach every day. The star host participated to the sports while broadcasting + invitation
Social media reach - FB/ Instagram/ Twitter
Budget for promotion of FB posts: 500 € / Cumulative Reach: After 21/08: 860,000+ / Snapchat: After event: 1600+ followers